GooseandEgg Capital Fund

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earn a guaranteed 2% per quarter. with a loss protection backstopped by us of 10%, You can never loose more than 10%*. a bonus is shared each quarter for any gains above this 2% split 50/50. Typical APR is 24% based on an average of 4% return each month from the strategy. This is subject to change and varies across each month.

We backstop every investment by adding 10% of the initial funds into the client liquidity pool. This is there to safeguard your capital in the unlikely event a 10% drawdown happens. funds are released upon a 10% gains. released for a new investment to enter the fund.

Only available to qualified sophisticated Investors and High net worth Clients.

The fund upon launch will be FCA regulated and comes with a full Audit for proof of funds.

*market conditions and does not cover evens outside our control.

Live Performance Metrix

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