Follow the Money – A Deep Dive into Global Market Insights


October 16th 2023

In the complex world of finance, understanding where money is flowing is often the key to unlocking the bigger economic picture. Price action and historical asset correlations provide invaluable insights into the global financial system’s current state. In this article, we’ll examine the recent movements in major assets and currencies to discern where the money has been heading over the past weeks and what it might mean for the global economy.

Money Flow Overview

In recent weeks, the financial markets have witnessed significant shifts in money flow, signalling changing investor sentiment and economic concerns. Let’s explore the key trends in various assets and currencies:

The Dollar’s Resurgence

The US dollar has seen a resurgence of interest after a brief pullback. This movement coincided with persistent concerns about inflation, with the economic data still showing signs of instability. Investors seem to be flocking to the dollar as a safe haven amidst mounting economic uncertainties.

Gold’s Safe Haven Appeal

The standout performer of the week was gold, which experienced a significant uptick in investment. This move into gold suggests that investors are seeking refuge from potential economic turmoil, possibly linked to both the escalation of global conflicts and concerns about an impending recession. The rise in gold prices hints at a flight to safety.

US10Y Bonds: An Ominous Indicator

The US10Y bond market witnessed an initial surge as money flowed into bonds, causing yields to plummet. However, a significant portion of this pullback was subsequently reversed, revealing investor hesitance to fully embrace American debt. This reluctance to trust US bonds, even in times of geopolitical instability, serves as an ominous sign and a critical market to watch for future developments.

SPX500 and the Bear Market Warning

Despite a surge in the SPX500 and other indices during the week, a minor sell-off at week’s end has left markets in an uncertain position. The absence of clear directional signals suggests that we may be on the cusp of a bear market, though an official declaration requires a 20% drop. Nevertheless, the early indicators are worth noting.

Oil’s Surge Amidst Geopolitical Tensions

As expected, any news of war typically leads to a surge in oil prices. Over the past week, oil experienced an impressive 8% increase, reflecting heightened tensions globally. The connection between conflict and oil prices remains steadfast.

Bitcoin’s Uncertainty

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, exhibited minimal price movement over the week. It concluded slightly higher but provided no clear direction. This asset, while significant, still lacks the market capitalization necessary to play a substantial role in broader economic or geopolitical events.

Implications for US Traders

Navigating the financial markets during times of uncertainty necessitates a keen focus on money flow. In an era rife with distractions and news stories, discerning the actual direction of capital can provide invaluable insights. Here are some key takeaways for traders:

Monitor the US Bond Market

The US bond market remains the primary indicator to watch. It will reveal whether trust in American debt persists or wanes, providing vital information about the escalation potential of global conflicts and economic stability.

Stay Alert to Early Bear Market Signs

While not officially declared, early signs of a bear market may be emerging. It’s prudent for traders to remain vigilant, ensuring they have strategies in place to navigate potentially challenging market conditions.

Geopolitical Influences on Oil

With geopolitical tensions affecting oil prices, traders should stay informed about global events and their impact on commodities, particularly oil.

Bitcoin’s Role in the Market

Bitcoin’s lack of significant movement and correlation with economic and geopolitical events suggest it may still be in a state of flux. Traders should keep a close eye on developments in the cryptocurrency market.

Trade smart, Trade safe

understanding the flow of money in the financial markets is essential for traders seeking to make informed decisions. By focusing on key assets and currencies, traders can anticipate potential economic trends and geopolitical developments. As we continue to follow the money, it’s clear that the road ahead remains uncertain, but by closely tracking these indicators, traders can navigate these somewhat unprecedented times with a little more confidence.

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