Free Trade Setup – August 23

Free Trade Setup

This months trade setups for SPX500 levels both the buy and sell side. Plus GBPUSD.

One CFD (SPX500) which can be translated into futures if this is what you have access to instead, and one forex pair (GBPUSD). Subscribe to the newsletter for more charts and zones across the spectrum of assets available, including Commodities, Crypto and Forex pairs. 


three zones to take. One Sell zone if price continues o move up, but also two Buy zones in case we stay ion this consolidation area. all three in play. 

SP500 levels for this month – Aug by DesktraderUK on

Forex – GBPUSD

One Supply Zone and One Demand Zone. both in play. expecting some volatility with the dollar. 

GBPUSD – August Trade setup by DesktraderUK on

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