Free Trade setup – July – Updated

Free Trade Setup

This month we provide two different setups. One on GOLD and one on the Dollar

both our 1 Hour levels for intraday plays. both with a 4:1 risk reward

Update: Dollar played out and we had a very quick entry and profit take for a 4:1 winner. unfortunately the gold wicked through our stop loss, did play out just slightly lower. so a 3% profit risking 1% for this months trades. Subscribe to get more trades like these each and every week. 


GOLD Setup

Setup on gold is a 1 hour level. waiting for price to retrace. to the level for a reversal of 4:1 . 

this trade can also be found on our trading view account

Gold possible retracement for a short term 4:1 trade by DesktraderUK on

This trade wicked through our level for a loss. risking 1% . 


Setup on the Dollar – this trade can also be found on our trading view account  – 

Dollar Level by DesktraderUK on

Nice play here on the dollar, risking 1% the level reversed price very quickly for a 4:1 win ration. giving 4% gains on a 1% risk reward. 

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