Unlocking the Power of Experience: Exploring the Experiential Learning Bias and Its Impact on Decision Making

There have been studies and research conducted on why humans tend to prefer learning from experience rather than from readily available information or existing knowledge. This phenomenon is often referred to as the “experiential learning bias” or the “experiential effect.” Here are a few key insights from relevant studies: These studies, among others, highlight the…

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Mind: Must-Read Books on Cognitive Psychology and Behavioural Economics

Here are some highly regarded books on cognitive psychology and behavioural economics: These books have received critical acclaim and have been widely recognized for their contributions to the fields of cognitive psychology and behavioural economics. They offer valuable insights into human decision-making processes and the biases that shape our behaviour. Join Our newsletters for free…

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Disappear to new hope

Navigating the Depths: Overcoming Despair in Trading and Finding Hope for a Brighter Future

I want to start by acknowledging the depth of pain and despair that can arise from experiencing significant losses in trading, leading to thoughts of suicide. It is an incredibly difficult and sensitive situation that requires understanding, empathy, and support. We are here to provide a heartfelt understanding of these emotions and offer guidance on…

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